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(Figures are based on industry averages.  Please request a quote to obtain accurate cost estimates for Brightway LED Lighting fixtures.  Installation costs vary by region and installation location.)

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  HID Replacement Reference Chart

Brightway LED

Replaces HID Lighting (System Wattage)



CO820 30W

70W MV (88W), 40W Induction (45W)

CO820 40W

70W HPS (95W), 100W MH (128W),

CO820 50W

100W HPS (130W)

CO820 60W

150W HPS (190W), 175W MH (208W)

CO820 80W

150W HPS (190W), 175W MH (208W)

CO820 100W

250W HPS (295W), 250W MH (295W)

CO820 170W

400W MH (465W)

CO820 240W

1000W MH (1112W)

CO830 60W, 62W

100W HPS (130W)

CO830 100W

100W 150W HPS (190W), 175W MH (208W)

CO830 120W

129W, 250W HPS (295W), 400W MH (465W)

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